Pre-PowderAlert southern Alps: these resorts are (or will) open

Pre-PowderAlert southern Alps: these resorts are (or will) open

When you look at the webcams of the northern Alps will see that the winter is still far away. Admittedly, the cams show some white stuff, but it’s not much. Mostly the artificial snow making machines provide some white entertainment. But when you look at the southern Alps immediately gets a smile on his face. At least I do. The winter has started well in the southern Alps. It snowed for two weeks almost continuously at the beginning of November. There is now a good base above 2000-2300 meters and extra fresh snow is expected the next 6 days.

But are there ski resorts open on the south side of the Alps? And is it worth going there? You’ll find a list of resorts in (or on the border with) the southern Alps that are open or are planning to open their lifts next weekend. A tailor-made advice will follow later this week (based on the latest weather maps).


Southern Stau means snow in Italy, so it is not surprising that you’ll find the most areas with a good base here. There are two non-glacier areas that will open next weekend: San Domico and Monte Rosa.

The following resorts are open in the Italian Piedmont:

  • San Domenico: scheduled to open on the 24th/25th of November. 280 cm base at the top.
  • Monte Rosa: scheduled to open on the 24th/25th of November. The lifts in Alagna and Gressoney/Staffal are already open and even the Punta Indren is open (that means you can reach the famous Acquilla couloir. Day passes only EUR 28,00.


  • Breuil Cervinia: Open all week. Great conditions with a lot of snow on the highest peaks.


Presena looking good
Presena looking good

Alto Adige

  • Sulda: the lifts are on, the season has started and it’s pretty crowded.
  • Val Senales: the glacier is open since October. Only for race teams at first, but everybody is welcome now.


In Switzerland you’ll have to go to the southernmost areas, not to mention Andermatt, where the season has already started. The Diavolezza is still open until the end of this week, but it closes (temporarily) after Friday afternoon. From that moment the Corvatsch opens.


  • Andermatt: Andermatt is one of the best places in Switzerland right now. It gets snow almost from all directions and the conditions are already good. We’ll have to look see whether the Gemsstock picks up snow from the south again in the coming days. The Vorgipfel couloir has already been skied.


  • Saas Fee: The glacier of Saas Fee is already open. Please note that the Alpin express is closed until November 23rd, but it should open again this weekend.
  • Zermatt


  • Diavolezza The Diavolezza will be closed from next weekend. So you have to be quick.
  • Corvatsch The Corvatsch opens this weekend. Conditions are good, especially from the mid station. Let’s see how good super mario land already is.


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