Wednesday and Thursday will be powder days!

Wednesday and Thursday will be powder days!

There is a lot of snow in the forecast, but before that, there is first a mild and sunny weekend in the west and snow and rain for the east in the forecast.

A weak front is touching the Austrian Alps towards the end of this weekend and the temperature is (again) too high for the time of the year. The snow line is therefore high and will only temporarily be around 1600 meters in the west of Austria and 1000 meters (or even slightly lower) in the (extreme) east of Austria. Before that mainly rain in most valleys.

Nevertheless, Monday can be a powder day in the higher parts of the Hohe Tauern (Kaprun) and the Arlberg (Valuga). But the temperature is rising rapidly on Monday and if there is still some moisture in the air, the snow cover will soon become damp.

New storm cycle: Wednesday and Thursday powder days

A new storm follows from Tuesday, heading full force towards the northwestern Alps. Best conditions on Wednesday and Thursday in the northwest, where the exact direction of the storm can still cause some shifts. The exact where to go will follow at the end of this weekend.

Then hopefully also a better picture of the long term.

So: a new update will follow later this weekend / no later than Monday. If you have any questions, ask them here or via my insta or facebook pages.

Your Powfinder, Morris



marcomalcangiAuthor24 February 2020 · 22:15

It’s just Monday, but there isn’t an update!

meteomorrisAuthor24 February 2020 · 22:16

It’s just Monday, but there isn’t an update!

marcomalcangi op 24 Feb 2020 22:15

working on it…
meteomorrisAuthor24 February 2020 · 23:23
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