Predominantly dry and mild run-up to Christmas

Predominantly dry and mild run-up to Christmas
Serre Chevalier today
Serre Chevalier today

PA#2 is here! Colleague Rogier is currently experiencing an amazing start of the season in Puy Saint Vincent and found some brilliant conditions earlier this week, and now snow has fallen again. As expected, most fell around the Écrins, with some 30 centimetres of snow, but also further east on the Italian side in Via Lattea, among others, some 20 centimetres fell. Meanwhile, it has already cleared up considerably and the precipitation has moved further east. Some 20 centimetres of snow also fell in the southern regions of Lombardy and Trento, among others.

Today snow in the eastern Alps

Today it’s the north side’s turn with snowfall, although in most places it won’t deliver much more than 5 to 10 centimetres. Around the Tauern and further south-east it may continue snowing a bit longer. Here we will locally see up to around 15 to 20 centimetres of snow, in the Julian Alps possibly a bit more, as the Mitteleuropa Super HD model also shows below. Cooler air flows in from the northwest, bringing the snowline down to the valleys. In the Southeast Alps, the snowline is currently still at around 1,500 metres, but slowly but surely drops to the valleys here too during the evening and night.

Snow from today until tomorrow afternoon (
A strong southwesterly flow... ( combination with Southföhn will give high temperatures on Monday and Tuesday (

Significantly warmer

As written on Wednesday: it is inevitable that things will get significantly milder in the Alps over the coming week. The weekend will be fairly calm. Tomorrow morning it will still snow a bit in the Southeast Alps and in Austria it will still be partly cloudy at first, but in other parts the sun will already be shining brightly. Sunday will be very sunny everywhere, with some increasing cloudiness from the west in the afternoon.

At the same time, the pressure difference between the southern and northern Alps is increasing. Reason for this is a strong low-pressure area over the Atlantic that will linger west of Ireland for a while. Early next week, with this southföhn, temperatures will rise on the northern side of the Alps to about 10 degrees at 1500 metres. The zero degree limit reaches near-summer values of well above 3,000 metres.

Temporarily cooling with a cold front on Wednesday (, DWD)
But persistently warm in the long term (gridpoint Zurich, Northern Alps) (

Temporary cooling

Another temporary cooling follows on Wednesday with a cold front. In the north-west Alps, some 5 to 10 centimetres could probably start falling with a falling snowline. This cooling does not seem to last long, as immediately afterwards the mild south-westerly flow is restored and we will see temperatures rise again, especially in the northern Alps.

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LiBTech1978proAuthor16 December 2022 · 13:22

Not good:(

aoalAuthor16 December 2022 · 14:57

Same as last christmas… Smile guys. At least we do have some snow and we can sit warm while our coal is keeping Europe warm.

When will the temperature drop?

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